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so where are all the black box fans at

because that show is phenomenal  





One of the many reasons for why I adore and look up to Jennifer Lawrence is that when she was my age she had the ambition and determination to get where she is now. I want to be an actor, but I used to always drag myself down knowing that it was highly highly unlikely to make a succesful career out of it. But, I’m not so sure anymore. She was in the same boat as us all and that gives me a little more hope. She did struggle at first, but now its all paid off. This is why she is my role model. She had this vaulting ambition, and she was never going to give up.

^^That comment is so beautiful, and so is this photo. I look up to Jennifer Lawrence because she doesn’t give into the pressure of being “perfect” in Hollywood. She shares the same ideas and beliefs about beauty and image as I do and I wish to be as confident in my skin as she is in hers. She is beautiful and perfect inside and out. She is hilarious and is the most real actress I have ever seen. She isn’t scared to be herself. She struggled with anxiety when she was younger and overcame that. That is why she is my role model also.

Basically Jennifer Lawrence is the hot-diggity

She isn’t like other actresses and I respect her so much. She is completely herself and is so beautiful in what ever she says or does. My favourite actress.


I’ve reblogged this a million times and I’m okay with that..

i love this

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